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Party @ Home

Hosting a party/get together at home? How small or rather how big?  For 20 people? For 35 people? Okay, for 50 people? Wondering how to arrange for the food? Go through the regular caterer route which is both cumbersome and expensive? Or should you cook stuff yourself or just order multiple portions from a nearby restaurant? Or maybe do both. Or maybe not. You are not too sure about the taste of the food. Assuming the food is tasty too, what about arranging the food and most importantly ensuring the food remains hot till the end of the party? Not to forget to serve yourself after a rocking but tiring party. We understand.

We understand the big things you need to handle while hosting your small party at home. Especially when it comes to food. As food is one of the main clinchers for you to make the party a huge success. We have you covered there. For home parties with extended family and friends up to 50 people or for a cozy gathering of 20 people, we are delighted to bring delicious, hot and wholesome food at your doorstep. What More? Choose from our well-planned add-ons like service@your party, crockery@your party to make your party even more hassle-free, while you host and enjoy your get together effortlessly.

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The Process

How does this work?

Your party is our priority. Please follow these simple steps to order food and we will take care of the rest:

Step 1: Choose one from the set of two fixed menu options given.

Step 2: Choose the different dishes you want from the option you have chosen.

Step 3: Choose any or all the add on services provided, which comes at an extra cost.

Step 4: Make the payment.

Step 5: On the day of the party, we will deliver the food in our specially designed hot boxes, at the time slot fixed by you.

Step 6: We will collect the boxes once the party is over, either the same day or the following day.     

Still got questions?

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Add-on Services

Make your Party Shaandaar!

Service @ your party: If you want the pleasure of eating along with your guests, albeit being a host, book a steward who will take care of the nitty-gritties and service.

Recommended number is 1 for every 20 people. 

Crockery @ your party: Are you in two minds in bringing out your expensive Chinaware and thinking about the hassle of subsequent cleaning up. Don’t think too much. Just hire our crockery and cutlery and see how elegant and uniform it looks.

Not to forget the bonus of not cleaning the dishes post party. A big plus there!

Shaan, Paan & Paani @ your party: While you bring the first one in style, let us take care of the other two (Paan and Mineral Water) to help you sign off in style. 

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People are loving the concept!

The love and the kind words of appreciation is really the secret ingredient of our success and the key reason for us to comeback. Hear what they say!